In addition to investing, individuals and organizations have an opportunity to make tax-deductible contributions to the Community Loan Fund to:

  • Increase our permanent lending capital pool (funds that are forever available to us to ensure that our region has access to long-term, affordable capital)
  • Support our training and technical assistance programs that complement our lending activities. (Interest earned on our loans does not cover the full cost of the often time-consuming and labor-intensive outreach, training and consultations provided to our borrowers, and crucial to their success.)

    The Community Loan Fund is “a great organization that provided small businesses and non-profits with accessible and necessary financial resources and training that would otherwise be unavailable.”   a borrower

    The Community Loan Fund operates on a very small administrative budget, employing a small hardworking staff and relying on volunteer efforts of an active Board and Committee members.  Some of the operating costs are met with net interest earnings from our loans and deposits.  The remainder must be raised from grants and contributions by individuals and organizations.

Why should I donate to the Community Loan Fund?

The Community Loan Fund is “my economic stimulus of choice.”   a donor

  • The Community Loan Fund is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.
  • The Community Loan Fund offers donors local opportunities to provide opportunities to others:
    • Help build the capacity of individuals seeking to start or expand their own businesses and community-based non-profit organizations providing affordable housing, childcare and other social services
    • Act on religious, political or philosophical convictions, aligning your money with your values to provide economic justice among underserved populations

How can I help?

  • Donate (forgive) your Community Loan Fund investments – Current investors (both individuals and organizations) can donate or forgive all or part of their loan to the permanent lending capital fund to be used over and over again for community development projects.  Some investors donate a portion of their invested funds on a pre-arranged schedule each year until the entire loan is entirely forgiven.
  • Annual Gifts – Think of the Community Loan Fund when planning your charitable donations for the year.  Yearly donations to capital and/or to support ongoing training (annually offered classroom training, new and repeat workshops and one-on-one consultations and referral services, as needed by new and current borrowers) are essential.  Some supporters have set up a schedule to support our programs, ie.  every December before the tax year is over.
  • Donate securities or other assets
  • Planned giving . . .  You can leave a lasting legacy!
  • Workplace giving
  • Or send your donation to:

    Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region
    255 Orange Street, Albany, NY 12210

For more information about making a contribution or becoming an investor, please contact us at (518) 436-8586.