Emerging Investor Network (EIN)

The Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region launched an Emerging Investor Network (EIN) Program to create a gateway by which individuals, businesses or organizations can maximize their impact while becoming investors with a minimum monthly investment of $100.


  1. The EIN investor (individuals, businesses or organizations) loans the Community Loan Fund a total of $1,000, contributed over ten months in $100 electronic installments.
  2. The EIN investment earns interest at a simple annual interest rate of .75% for each day the funds are invested.
  3. The EIN investor may withdraw the invested funds upon written request at any time.
  4. At the conclusion of 10 months, the EIN investor may choose one of the following options:
    1. the $1,000 EIN investment will be transferred to regular investment status with new investment terms chosen.
    2. in addition to continuing your investment (option A above), a second, new $100/month EIN installment plan can be started, building up to a second $1,000 in ten more months.
    3. the $1,000/balance (plus earned interest) can be repaid to the EIN investor.

Why Should I Become an EIN Investor?

  • The Emerging Investor Network is a great opportunity for anyone looking to get started as an impact investor.
  • EIN members create investment pools that multiply the impact of their $$$. Each dollar invested leverages an additional $3.76 on average.
  • Groups of friends or family members can join together to become an EIN investor, thereby splitting the $100 monthly installment while maximizing the impact in their community.
  • It’s still your money. You’re loaning it to the Community Loan Fund to finance community development projects in your community, such as affordable housing or the coffee shop on the corner.

Near the end of your investment’s term, we will contact you with the opportunity to reinvest with the Community Loan Fund or to be repaid. If you choose to reinvest, you will be able to select your term and corresponding interest rate.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please contact us (518) 436-8586 X802.

Investments in the Community Loan Fund are not FDIC or similarly-insured. Since its incorporation in 1985, the Community Loan Fund has a 100% repayment to its investors.