Financial Planning: 5 tips for emerging investors, March 10

The world of personal finance is complicated.  There is no shortage of information on the internet telling us what to do with our money.  The issue is that we don’t know what to Google, and even if we did, we often don’t know how it applies to us.

As young adults, the financial steps that we take now are critical to our ability to set ourselves up for success later in life, but it can be overwhelming to know where to start.  How do you balance paying off student loans with saving for retirement?  Now is the time to get the tools that we need to make smart decisions and get onto the right track.

In this class, we will be talking about…

  • The basics of investing
  • The best types of retirement savings accounts
  • The best ways to pay down debt
  • Plus, other helpful money-tips to get you on the right track.

This is not some boring old financial class.  Enjoy some of your games at the area’s newest board game cafe. Then, take those same strategies, and learn how to apply them to personal finance to achieve better results.

Tuesday, March 10, 6pm-8pm
Bard & Baker Board Game Cafe, 501 Broadway, Troy, NY
Register here for this free event.