Free QuickBooks BootCamp – Wed, Sept. 26th

Wayne Higdon, a certified QuickBooks Advisor and President of 25th Hour Accounting Solutions, will partner with CLFCR to provide an in depth overview of QuickBooks, the #1 rated accounting software for small business. 255 Orange Streeet, Albany NY. Parking lot and building are wheelchair accessible. Please RSVP to Paul Stewart (518) 436-8586 x805.

9-11: Overview of QuickBooks and Related Apps – New users – develop a game plan for using QuickBooks. Experienced users – evaluate if you can up your game! (Or automate it. Or outsource it.) We’ll look at ways to improve your business using QuickBooks + Apps.

11-12:30: Q&A – Several QuickBooks Pro Advisors will be available to discuss your needs.

1-2:30: Money In: Taking Payments in QuickBooks – Credit cards, Square, PayPal & other apps. With the goal of selling more in more places, and auto-magically recording those entries in QuickBooks, we’ll look at options for accepting money in QuickBooks. Click-to-pay invoice, POS & CRM systems, web shopping carts, phone apps….what’s right for your business?

3-4:30: Money Out: Paying bills & Recording Expenses in QuickBooks – Explore new options for using QuickBooks Apps. Reduce your workload through automation. Snap a picture, talk about it, and the expense shows up in QuickBooks! We’ll look at apps for creating bookkeeping entries auto-magically from emails, pics, scans, PDFs, apps and online banking.