Community Loan Fund – Donate

In addition to investing, individuals and organizations have an opportunity to make tax-deductible contributions to the Community Loan Fund. These contributions:

  • Increase our permanent lending capital pool
  • Support our training and technical assistance programs

Why should I donate to the Community Loan Fund?

One word: Equity.

The Community Loan Fund was established in 1985 to provide equitable access to capital for women, BIPOC, and low-income entrepreneurs. BIPOC and women small business owners deal with a number of challenges in starting up their businesses, including limited access to funding, struggling to be taken seriously, and ingrained attitudes regarding race, gender, and class.

  • Studies have consistently shown that women-led businesses receive less outside funding than businesses owned by men.
  • Just 2.2% of venture capital goes to female entrepreneurs.
  • Women own nearly 30% of small businesses but receive just 4.4% of small business loan funds.
  • According to the Small Business Administration, Blacks and Latinos own just 12.2% of all businesses in the U.S. They total just 1.3% of American sales, and just 1.7% of the nation’s employees.
  • Wealth levels for Latinos and African Americans is markedly lower (11 to 16 times lower) than for whites.
  • Data showed that white business owners started their business with an average of $106,720 in working capital, compared to the average African American business, which was started with just $35,205.

The Community Loan Fund tries to balance the scales by offering accessible training options and small business loans. Our lending officers look at the whole project – not just credit and collateral. We look at the person’s idea and its potential for the community.

Our microloans are making the difference. We’re investing in the small businesses that are reshaping our communities.

How can I help?

Annual Gifts – Think of the us when you are planning your charitable donations for the year. Some supporters have even set up a schedule to support our programs.

Donate securities or other assets – Consider donating a portion of your retirement account through your Required Minimum Distribution or other vehicle.

Planned Giving – You can name the Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region as a beneficiary in your will. Choose a fixed amount or percentage of your estate to support local community development. Consult with your estate planner, attorney, or tax advisor for smart ways to donate.

Workplace Giving – Many people find it convenient to donate to the Community Loan Fund through regular payroll deductions. We are part of several workplace giving campaigns including:

  • SEFA (State Employees Federated Appeal)– During the fall SEFA Campaign, NYS employees can donate once or via regular payroll deductions. Our SEFA # is 5000067.
  • CFC (Combined Federal Campaign)for federal employees. Our CFC code number is 98290.
  • United Way or other campaigns– You must write in our name and address in the designation box.

Individual Contributions – Donate today through our secure online platform, Network for Good. Or mail your donation to:

Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region
255 Orange Street
Albany, NY 12210

The Community Loan Fund is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and all donations are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

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