Community Loan Fund – Emerging Investors Network

A Peer-to-peer platform for impact investing.

The Emerging Investors Network is a peer-to-peer platform for impact investing. It serves to connect people who want to see and experience change in their communities. Our Emerging Investor Network allows you to make monthly installments of $100 to reach the minimum $1,000 investment.

This program also offers financial education, special events, plus opportunities to meet our borrowers and witness first-hand the difference your investment is making.

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“Community Loan Fund has provided a way to let local community members support each other. It’s neighbors investing in neighbors. I was looking for a constructive and impactful way to support and bolster local business, local entrepreneurs, local community and I found that through the Community Loan Fund’s Emerging Investors.”

Gabrielle Cebada MoraGabriella Cebada Mora, Emerging Investors Network

“In December, I went on the trolley ride through Albany visiting various borrowers, where I saw first-hand the wide range of ideas and dreams the Community Loan Fund supports. When I got my federal stimulus check, I realized I had no excuses left; I wanted to be sure the businesses I love and organizations with vital missions will survive the economic fallout of the pandemic.”

Tiffany Metty, Emerging Investors Network

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