What We Do

Locally-focused. Results-oriented.

Al & Linda Chandler holding checkThat describes what we do.  And we do it by providing an opportunity for socially concerned individuals and institutions to build a healthier local economy and community, by making low-cost flexible loans to social and micro-entrepreneurs, and by providing training and technical assistance services to support the lending activities.

Socially Concerned Investing

  • The Community Loan Fund provides an opportunity for concerned individuals and institutions to put their principles into practice and invest locally in community improvements.  Socially concerned investors loan or donate to the Community Loan Fund thereby providing the necessary capital for our community and economic development activities.  The Community Loan Fund’s growing number of investors – over 300 individuals, faith-based institutions, unions, foundations, banks, and other business and civic groups – enjoy a 100% repayment rate as they witness economic activities delivering impressive social returns.

Community Development Lending

    • Loans up to $500,000 for nonprofit community development organizations that provide affordable housing, human services or help revitalize their communities
    • Loans to small businesses and micro enterprises owned by women, minorities or low-income people; loans up to $25,000 for start-up businesses and up to $50,000 for expansion of existing businesses.
    • Loans to low and moderate-income borrowers up to $120,000 to purchase a home and up to $20,000 for eligible home repairs.
    • Energy efficiency loans are available to both nonprofits and small businesses, saving energy costs and the environment.  This program is offered in partnership with NYSERDA – when resources allow.
    • Participation loans with many areas banks and credit unions are available, to both nonprofits and small businesses, for projects that exceed our loan limits.  The Community Loan Fund can help package appropriate financing.

Training and Technical Assistance

  • Business class participantsBusiness Planning Training:  Courses held throughout the year in partnership with The School of Business at the College of Saint Rose.
  • Technical Assistance provided to nonprofits and small businesses with one-on-one consulting, special workshops, legal clinics (with The Legal Project), and referrals.
  • Management of the Albany Center for Economic Success (ACES), its small business incubator and community development facility.

View our 2017 Community Impact Report here.