Online Learning Platform – Edupreneur

Our goal is to get more businesses up and running!

To help new businesses get started, we’ve partnered with JPMorgan Chase to create Edupreneur, the Community Loan Fund’s online training program.

How does online training work?

Our free online training courses are delivered in short, succinct lessons that go straight to your phone or laptop – so you can learn at your convenience. Register with the system to create a profile. The system will track your progress, so you can master the entire curriculum – one course at a time! Short quizzes and notes help you measure your understanding. We maintain a library of reference materials and easy-to-use templates. Plus, you can speak live with a trained expert.

Who’s online training for?

Developed by business training experts, Edupreneur courses are customized to meet the individual needs of business owners at every step of the journey. Whether you’re an enterprising individual who’s just starting to consider going into business for yourself, an entrepreneur who’s ready to launch, or a seasoned business owner who’s looking to expand, our courses can help you succeed. We’ve broken our curriculum down into three sections:

Business Basics: An introduction to business ownership and topics you should consider.
Getting Started: How to take your first steps toward opening a new business.
Reference Materials: Printable files on many aspects of managing a business or nonprofit, including startup steps, business plans, resources, and lots more.

What’s next?

To get started with our Community Loan Fund Online Training Platform: