5 Simple Ways To Increase Your Current Cashflow to Save $3000

5 Simple Ways To Increase Your Current Cashflow to Save $3000

Are you struggling to save money? Struggling with debt? Or are you just not making enough income to get by. Nishaea knows that feeling! It is hard, isn’t it? You might be wondering, “What can I do?” Well, there is a way… After living paycheck to paycheck for years, Nishaea finally broke free from that cycle. Now she has an emergency fund, she’s saving for retirement in multiple accounts, paying off her house early AND traveling a lot more! How did she do this? She created systems and implemented strategies in her life that allowed her to easily save money. And now she want to share some of those secrets with YOU! This workshop will walk you through simple tips and strategies that are easy to maintain without needing to earn extra money or completely change your current lifestyle.


Presented by Nishaea Richardson- Owner “She’s the Budget Guru”

A single mother of a teenage son, Nishaea Richardson is working fulltime in Human Resources and running her business part-time as a Financial coach for women, supporting them with building CONFIDENCE with money so they can live the good life they desire. Since becoming a mom her focus has shifted to creating a sound financial plan for her and her son! She is helping other women do the same by providing services that will help them build an emergency fund, create a SMART spending plan, grow their money, and learn wealth strategies so they can position themselves for success financially!



Sep 28 2023


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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