Developing an Actionable Marketing Plan

Developing an Actionable Marketing Plan

Do you have big goals for your business? Turn those goals into an actionable marketing plan so you have a path to making those goals a reality. This interactive workshop will assist you in breaking down your marketing goals into SMART objectives and then creating a task list to meet those objectives.

Presented by Rose Bordett- Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region

Rose Bordett the Training and Technical Assistance Associate. She is a native Upstate New Yorker who recently moved to the Capital Region. A graduate of SUNY Oswego she has worked in various educational roles for the last 10 years. Her most recent position was developing an online language learning program. She is excited to bring her enthusiasm for community involvement into her work and to explore the Capital Region’s many opportunities. She would like to bring the same sense of community and caring to the Community Loan Fund’s online learning programs.


Feb 01 2024


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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