Developing Your Mission, Vision and Values

Developing Your Mission, Vision and Values

For any nonprofit, mission vision and values are the foundational principles that will guide program delivery, fund development and strategic planning. Your mission defines your organization’s focus and reason for being – the social impact you want to make. Your vision should be aspirational and forward-thinking. It puts into words what the world would look like if your organization fully realized its mission. Your values are the lens through which you will go about executing your mission to make your vision a reality. Mission, vision and values statements are a critical component of communication with funders, stakeholders and board members. Come to this interactive workshop prepared to address questions that will help you define your mission (or revisit your existing mission), shape your vision statement, and articulate your values.

Through guided exercises you will address the following questions for your nonprofit:

What do we do as an organization?

What makes us different in how we do what we do?

Who benefits from what we do?

Why does it matter?


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Presented by Sabrina Houser and Liz Chipman of Capital CFO+

Sabrina Houser started Capital CFO in 2016. Having worked in the nonprofit arena for twenty years, Sabrina saw first-hand the need for accuracy, efficiency, and transparency regarding a company’s finances. She has the unique perspective of working as a CEO of a nonprofit and experience in managing multiple funding sources and contracts. As the CEO, she oversaw all fiscal and fiduciary responsibilities for the organization. She provided direct leadership and oversight for the agency’s finance and accounting functions, including compliance with relevant government regulations. Sabrina believes that your financial health leads investors, customers, and clients to feel confident in a company’s stability and potential for growth.

Liz Chipman is the Director of Education and Employment at Capital CFO+. Liz is an experienced, versatile executive with a career in education and the nonprofit sector. Committed to working collectively for good, she has a passion for work that positively impacts our lives together – both in the community and in the workplace. She is driven by a commitment to employee engagement, collaborative thinking, and creating a diverse and equitable workplace for all employees.


Jun 15 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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