Low or No-Cost Marketing Tools For Your Business

Low or No-Cost Marketing Tools For Your Business

Not all new businesses have a big budget and access to cash when they start up. Sometimes, you have to start small. No matter your situation, marketing is an important activity you should not ignore. Marketing gets your potential customers aware of your products and services, so they can make a purchase. This important activity can be done with tools that are low or no-cost.

Attend and learn about marketing tools you could be using, especially when you must be extremely cost-conscious.

Gain a firm advantage in the marketplace. Learn more about the marketing trends that will create winning results for businesses today, throughout 2023, and into the future.


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Presented by Michael Roach, Owner of Michael Roach Creative

Michael Roach is an award-winning American Marketing Association (AMA) member and Professional Certified Marketer (PCM). His experience with the creative process and visual communications has allowed him to work on numerous creative projects, as well as internationally-awarded film documentaries. Avid, a leading audio/video editing production software company, recognized Michael for his content creation skills and storytelling ability.

In addition to running his own boutique creative/marketing firm, Michael Roach Creative, he is a past president of the American Marketing Association New York Capital Region chapter. Michael thrives in fast-paced, creative environments and enjoys training and speaking with audiences about marketing, design, business, career development, and technology. One of his goals is to help elevate the marketing profession and grow the business community.


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Feb 15 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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