Marketing in the Metaverse

Marketing in the Metaverse

Marketing in the Metaverse

In this class we will discuss the marketing opportunities presented by the Metaverse. We’ll give you an overview of the metaverse, who is adopting it now, how it works and potential opportunities for different types of companies today (and tomorrow).

What is the metaverse? In simple terms, the metaverse is the convergence of physical, augmented reality and virtual reality. The word metaverse translates to “beyond universe.” This glimpse of the Internet’s future suggests the connecting of a physical persona with a digital persona, which enables you to live in a digital world. The metaverse will likely give visitors another way to seek entertainment, shopping, travel, learning, meetings and many other daily activities.

We’ll share several examples of companies that are currently spending big dollars on developing or using the metaverse for business activities, commerce and entertainment. You will come away from this session with a clear understanding of the metaverse and examples of how people and businesses are leveraging it to make money today. This class will help you think about how you might add the metaverse into your marketing strategy.

Presented by Erik Bunaes, Endorphin® Digital Marketing & Constant Contact Local Expert.


May 04 2022


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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