Treat Your Business Like Your Baby

Treat Your Business Like Your Baby

Join our dynamic financial workshop where we guide entrepreneurs on how to nurture their businesses like their own babies. In this interactive session, we’ll cover the essential building blocks, such as establishing a strong business foundation, crafting a comprehensive business plan, and navigating the process of forming an LLC. We’ll delve into the significance of naming your business and obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Moreover, we’ll draw parallels between caring for a newborn baby and managing finances, including creating a baby book, planning for the future with a Social Security Number (SSN), and setting up a college fund. Get ready to cultivate your business with the same love and attention you would give to your own child.


Presented by Nishaea Richardson- Owner “She’s the Budget Guru”

A single mother of a teenage son, Nishaea Richardson is working fulltime in Human Resources and running her business part-time as a Financial coach for women, supporting them with building CONFIDENCE with money so they can live the good life they desire. Since becoming a mom her focus has shifted to creating a sound financial plan for her and her son! She is helping other women do the same by providing services that will help them build an emergency fund, create a SMART spending plan, grow their money, and learn wealth strategies so they can position themselves for success financially!



Oct 18 2023


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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