Continuous Improvement for Increased Efficiency: How to run a LEAN Business

Continuous Improvement for Increased Efficiency: How to run a LEAN Business

Costs are rising, supply chains are still unstable, and good help is hard to find. These are the business realities for most companies in the region. While it has always been important to reduce inefficiencies, under these current circumstances it is essential. In this class, we will discuss strategies that businesses can use to become more efficient and reduce waste from their processes.  We will cover principles of running a Lean Business, which is a business that does not waste resources on things that do not add value.  Applying concepts of lean to your business processes can free up resources and create opportunities. If you are concerned about rising overhead and variable costs this talk is for you.  Continuous improvement culture is a crucial element for long term business success.  This interactive presentation is designed to spark ideas for leaders to improve processes, reduce waste, and create opportunities for your business.

This workshop is offered via Zoom.

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          Presented by Anne Sinopoli, Rebutia Consulting 

Anne Sinopoli, a certified supply chain professional, is passionate about business operations and enabling clients to reach financial goals. As Principal Consultant and owner of Rebutia Consulting she works with clients to improve their daily operations by leveraging her experience working in some of America’s largest corporations. Anne has a degree in mechanical engineering and began her career with GE (General Electric) where she received her Green Belt certification working across multiple businesses. She then went on to be Director of Operations for Union Pacific Railroad’s produce transportation service and Target Distribution before beginning her own practice. Now she spends her time working with businesses in the Capital Region offering services in continuous improvement, supply chain strategy, and business mentoring.


Jul 21 2022


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm






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