Social Impact Investing – What is it? Why does it matter?

Social Impact

Social Impact Investing – What is it? Why does it matter?

Love hearing about the wind farms being built or about the newest electric car to hit the market? Seems really intimidating to get involved in such huge scale projects… but maybe not.

Worried that the companies you’re investing in, or want to invest in, might be using child labor or aren’t as eco-friendly as you thought? How do you find companies that align with your values?

Learn how to put your money where your heart is with this workshop on Socially Conscious Investing with Darren Leader from Simmons Capital Group. Investing consciously should not only be for the lucky few. Plus, you should be really proud of what you’re investing in. Isn’t it time that we started to care how profits are made, and not just how much profit is made?

This free workshop to give you an overview of what Socially Responsible Investing is, the pros and cons and the practical ways in which you can better align your investments with your values.


Presented by Darren Leader, Partner, Simmons Capital Group

When asked why he chose a career in financial planning, Darren’s answer always centers around his love of learning. As a former music teacher, his passion for sharing knowledge with others started early, and it continues today. Whether teaching students about music or educating clients about investing, Darren’s goal remains the same: Empower people with information and skills to help them find peace and joy in their lives.

As the Director of Financial Planning and Research at Simmons Capital Group, Darren gets the opportunity each day to develop custom plans and strategies for clients, allowing them to make solid financial decisions. In addition, he keeps a watchful eye on economic markets to ensure the firm’s clients remain well-positioned and informed.

Knowing that often people wait too long to begin proper retirement planning, Darren is determined to continue to expand the firm’s education programs to help educate individuals about the power of planning as early as possible.

Originally from South Africa, Darren and his wife, Chelsea, live in Schenectady, where he cherishes his role as father to their young daughter, Ruby. To relax, he continues to turn to music, as well as playing golf, travelling the world, and spending time with friends. He also sits on the board of trustees at his church and loves being active within his local community.



Mar 16 2021


11:30 am - 12:30 pm
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