Financial Planning: Rules of the Road

Financial Planning: Rules of the Road

Learn the rules of the road when it comes to financial planning. Regardless of your course, these rules can get you where you want to be. During this free workshop, we’ll talk about developing a strategy, understanding risk, and diversifying for a solid foundation, as well as other crucial aspects.

Presented by
Roderick Sipe, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Roderick SipeAbout Roderick Sipe:

I enjoy finding out what is important to people and then helping them put together a financial strategy so that they can achieve their goals. Before you can begin working toward achieving your financial goals, you must first define what’s important to you and your family. Does that include putting your children through college, making sure you’ve saved enough for retirement, leaving something for your heirs or something else?

I believe that the key qualities of a good financial advisor are listening to their clients’ questions and concerns and asking the right questions in return. No one will care more about your money that doesn’t have your last name.

My skills gathered from previous work experience include several years in retail automotive sales, including training and recruiting, as well as time spent in education, working in private schools as an administrator and teacher. I am very comfortable in describing concepts and terms using language that makes sense for clients. I understand the importance of family, with four children of my own and two grandchildren.

I am involved in the community in many ways. I am president and on the board of the Cohoes Rotary Club and also volunteer my time and resources at numerous organizations dealing with homelessness and food insecurity.

My ideal client is one who is serious about their financial future, has a long-term perspective and wants to partner with me on their journey.


May 05 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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