Practice makes perfect, that’s what all of our teachers, parents, and mentors told us growing up in school, at home, on the stage, or on the field. For business owner LaQuetta Alexander-Ellis, “Practice2Perfect” takes on a slightly different meaning. LaQuetta’s mission since starting Practice2Perfect has been simple; empower aspiring healthcare professionals with the highest quality education, nationally recognized certifications, and a clear pathway to success in the workforce. Safe to say since moving into the ACES incubator in 2020 she has accomplished just that. Since 2020, LaQuetta has graduated over 575 people from her classes leading to them becoming nationally certified in CPR, trained phlebotomists, or even registered medical assistants. As she approaches her fourth year in the ACES incubator, she was recently announced as one of the honorees for the Albany Business Review’s 2024 edition of 40 under 40. The 40 under 40 award seeks to shine a light on executives and entrepreneurs in the area who have experienced great success in their respective business or made a great impact in their community.

“Training local students and getting them certified to enter the workforce locally has been an honor” said Alexander-Ellis.

Recently, LaQuetta received praise for her program at the Schenectady County Jail where she held her regular phlebotomy, CPR, and medical assistant courses to 5 inmates. All 5 inmates graduated the course and now possess the national certifications needed to work as a medical administrative assistant in an Urgent Care or Emergency Room setting.

“I believe everyone makes mistakes, that doesn’t mean someone isn’t worthy of a second chance” said Alexander-Ellis. “With their new certifications, these inmates can immediately enter the healthcare field upon their release and start to make an impactful change in their communities.”

When asked about her nearly four years in the ACES Incubator and how this space has allowed her to grow, Alexander-Ellis said:

“Being in this building, in the community i wanted to serve my whole life is an honor. I’m in a well-maintained, safe, affordable space with accessible services right downstairs. With the training and marketing services that the Community Loan Fund offers it has really given me the option to lean on them when i need it. I recommend people come and check out the building and look at our on-going expansion because space like this is perfect for new businesses to get their foot in the door.”

If you would like to signup to take one of Practice2Perfect’s CPR courses, or become a registered phlebotomist yourself, please click the link HERE.