In its ongoing mission to promote financial inclusion, the Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region has launched the Capital Region Community Investment Trust (CIT). The Community Investment Trust (CIT) is an innovative investment model designed to build assets in economically distressed communities. The Capital Region CIT provides local residents with a low-dollar, tangible, and safe opportunity to collectively own a piece of a thriving commercial real estate property in their own neighborhood.


The Capital Region Community Investment Trust (CIT) is a partnership between the Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region and the Community Economic Development Clinic at the Albany Law School. The partnership also relies on assistance from the University at Albany Geographic Information Systems program, and the Siena Project Incubator (SpIN) at Siena College.


Through the Capital Region CIT, residents within a designated zip code can buy affordable shares in the program through reasonable monthly payments of $10 to $100. This money purchases shares in a local property. Over time, investors build equity in that property and earn increasingly higher dividends. CIT also empowers local residents to build a community that meets their day-to-day needs.


“This community-centered approach to economic development ensures that the project truly serves local residents – ultimately building community and boosting the bottom line,” says Linda MacFarlane, Executive Director of the Community Loan Fund.


This week, the Capital Region CIT hired its first employee, Tatiana Melendez. Melendez will serve as Community Investment Trust Coordinator, helping promote the new program to Albany residents. The program is currently in the process of reviewing eligible properties in the City of Albany for investment.


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