Fulton County Center for Regional Growth has played a critical role in attracting investors and new businesses to Fulton County. Established in 2012, the center spearheads efforts to create jobs, encourage private-sector investment and strengthen the downtown areas of Fulton County’s cities and villages. The center is headquartered on Fulton Street in downtown Gloversville, in a two-story brick building that needed upgrades to make it more functional.

“The Fulton County Center for Regional Growth needed a line of credit to start work on major renovations to our building in downtown Gloversville,” says Ronald Peters, President and CEO of Fulton County Center for Regional Growth. In April, the Community Loan Fund provided a $500,000 line of credit to the Center for Regional Growth to assist with construction. “The Community Loan Fund stepped up to the plate to assist us on our financing, partnered up with us and provided us the needed line of credit.  Without assistance from the Community Loan Fund we would have never been able to start this project.  The Community Loan Fund has the perfect blend of community understanding with business savvy to deal with community based groups like ours.”

As a result, the Center is able to replace the roof and make facade improvements. They will also able to demolish the unused garage at the rear of the building in order to create more parking spaces for visitors. This building rehab will set the Center for Regional Growth up for the future, and ensure that the team can continue to accomplish their ambitious goals for the area.

“We are excited about our building renovations,” says Peters. “Once complete, we will be able to finish our plans for turning our building into a business incubator to benefit the community and all businesses in Fulton County.  Our building will become the hub for business training classes, small business assistance and a one stop shop all business needs.”