The Community Loan Fund will partner with Godfrey Financial Associates and Root3d to present “Financial/Wellness: Overcoming Financial Trauma, Mapping a Path Forward” a three-part, healing-centered financial education series to help women and BIPOC.

This free innovative new workshop series is presented in cooperation with Root3d, a wellness center that focuses on the liberation, healing and power of BIPOC through mind, body, and spirit; and Godfrey Financial, a female-owned fiduciary financial planning firm with a special focus on helping women plan for their futures. Workshop presenters will be Vanessa Marrufo, Root3d; Hannah Stenzel, Godfrey Financial Associates, and Destiny Watkins, Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region.

“Finances play a major role in all of our lives. If we are unable to have our basic needs met, or are just getting by, it negatively impacts our mind, body, and spirit. We are living in a space of scarcity, and short-term thinking. It is difficult to get into a place of long-term planning and an abundance mindset,” says Intuitive Coach and Reiki Master at Root3d, Vanessa Marrufo. “We all deserve freedom within our mind, body, and soul. Through this series, we are working through all layers, because our intention is for all attendees to know that this is possible. We want to give them an opportunity to listen to the desires of their heart and put it into practical terms and financial planning.”

“This workshop is the combination of my biggest passions- education, healing, and social justice,” says Hannah Stenzel, Advisor, Godfrey Financial Associates. “Financial trauma is unavoidable in our society, yet we are not all affected equally. Addressing these inequalities and changing the way we talk about money is a crucial part of creating solutions. This workshop reflects my belief that a multi-faceted approach to healing financial trauma is necessary, both personally and collectively.”

The workshop will include community connection, open education, and energetic healing tools such as yoga and breath work. “I’m a teacher at heart. With a background in elementary education and teaching yoga, I am driven to create compassionate and safe spaces to grow in. I currently work as a financial advisor, where my focus is on empowering my clients to build solid foundational skills and proactive mindsets with their money. I am committed to working towards a more equitable future and being an agent of change in our community. I am excited and humbled to be a part of this workshop,” says Stenzel.

“The Community Loan Fund is committed to providing the resources that meet people where they are at and the tools that take into account the full measure of challenges we face as we close the racial wealth gap. Hundreds of years of marginalization don’t just disappear when you create a budget. We knew that we had to take a more holistic approach to this, and we are so grateful to be working with Root3d and Godfrey Financial, who can help us rewrite the curriculum on this topic,” says Linda MacFarlane, Executive Director for the Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region.

During the series, the partners will identify key stressors and examine the traumatic impact they have on people’s lives and learn how applying energetic and practical tools can create financial resiliency. This course will create a structure for people to:

• Identify where specific financial traumas show up in your life
• Create a toolbox for support
• Receive guidance on creating your own financial plan, including financial foundational skills such as budgeting, investing, and building credit.

The class will consist of 1.5 hour sessions with our presenters every 2 weeks, beginning April 10. The sessions will be presented via Zoom.

Each week, the workshop will incorporate a variety of healing modalities, including energy healing, breathwork, stretching, and journaling. The workshop series is presented free of charge, thanks to sponsor Godfrey Financial Associates. People can register at: Financial/Wellness – Overcoming Financial Trauma, Mapping a Path Forward