Owners of older mobile homes can face a number of challenges: water damage, wiring that isn’t up to code, damaged insulation, and roofing issues. Plus, many don’t hold heat well, which leads to high energy costs. In fact, owners may pay several hundred dollars a month for fuel. And if there’s no money? Residents freeze. HomeFront Development Corporation was founded in 1989 to repair and replace these homes – so seniors don’t have to suffer.

This year, Community Loan Fund closed on a $100,000 line of credit to help HomeFront renovate another 11 owner-occupied homes.

“Community Loan Fund has been an invaluable partner in the administration of our housing  rehabilitation programs,” says Becky Heath, Executive Director for HomeFront Development. “With our funders transitioning to reimbursement requirements for their grants, Community Loan Fund has allowed us to pay our contractors promptly, maintaining good relationships with these firms and continuing to provide much needed assistance to the homeowners of Washington County.”

In addition to renovating housing, HomeFront also provides affordable rental housing and homebuyer education for low-income individuals.