Living Resources has been creating homes and services for individuals with disabilities since 1974. Now, decades later, many of the individuals who came into the program as young people need a place where they can safely age in place.

To assist, the Community Loan Fund closed on a $220,000 loan to Living Resources. The loan will help the nonprofit purchase a new home for seniors with lifelong disabilities. “When an individual joins the Living Resources family, we are there to provide a lifetime of support,” says Elizabeth Martin, CEO of Living Resources. “The Community Loan Fund has been a partner for many years, allowing us to continue our mission and provide that lifetime of support with dignity, independence and happiness.”

“It’s not just a house, it is a home!” she added. Living Resources and the Community Loan Fund are perfect partners. The Community Loan Fund is there to help us purchase a house and we provide the necessary supports to make it a home!”