Senior Hope Counseling is the only free-standing, non-intensive, OASAS (Office of Addictions Services & Support) licensed, non-profit, outpatient client in New York State catering exclusively to those in the 50+ population struggling with substance abuse disorders. The organization seeks to provide quality, evidence-based, comprehensive addiction services to older adults and their families in a compassionate setting. Founded in 2002 by the late Dr. William Rockwood and his late wife Adrienne, they realized their age cohort was going untreated when it came to age-specific substance abuse. In 2004, Dr. Nicole S. MacFarland joined the organization initially as Clinical Director, and following Dr.Rockwood’s retirement, she stepped into her current role of Executive Director where she is proudly continuing the mission and vision set forth by the founders of Senior Hope.

The Community Loan Fund recently approved a $100,000 line of credit to Senior Hope Counseling which will allow the organization to participate in local grant opportunities that will enable and enhance their service delivery to older adults struggling with substance abuse disorders. The loan provides cash flow assistance to support reimbursement as well as day-to-day operations for the clinic.

“My experience with the Community Loan Fund has been nothing but positive” said Dr. Nicole S. MacFarland, Executive Director of Senior Hope Counseling. “From my first interaction with Dorian Wells (Sr. Lending Officer) over the phone, I realized I was communicating with someone who was truly passionate and dedicated to his work. Mr. Wells and the Community Loan Fund helped us through the application process with kindness, professionalism and grace. Everyone at the organization listened to our mission with interest and compassion and I was truly moved by the staff’s energy and enthusiasm to help secure this line of credit and support our mission. I would like to thank Dorian Wells, Mr. Walt Brady (Deputy Director of the Community Loan Fund) and the rest of the team over at the Community Loan Fund for their support and belief in our mission.”

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