Kasir Rasul founded AllStreet Global in 2010 as a way to create new arts and entertainment programs to educate youth and encourage conversation, collaboration, and mentorship. The business quickly bloomed into event photography and merchandising, and with an added goal of bringing wealth and prosperity back to Black neighborhoods.

“Our neighborhoods produce change and welcome new ideas to make our communities productive across the globe,” Rasul says.

In March of 2020, Rasul moved his business out of his home and into a new studio in the ACES incubator because he wanted to expand capacity. He had been working from his home, which is adjacent to the Community Loan Fund headquarters, and wanted to take advantage of the resources there, while still staying firmly planted in the neighborhood he called home.

“I wanted to keep living and working in Sheridan Hollow, and try to help my neighborhood,” he says. This spring, Rasul was named to the ACES Board of Directors, which governs the incubator and the training programs there.

As a creative himself – Rasul is a photographer, fashion designer, and video producer – he knows what an impact creative outlets can have on centering and motivating young people. He has partnered with Bridge, The Community Gap, Cure Violence, Urban Grief, Young Futures, and YouthFX to help train and support high-risk youth. When the pandemic broke out, he had to shift his focus because he was no longer able to provide in-person experiences. Instead, he started to Community Solutions, a YouTube channel that focuses on community empowerment through interviews, conversations, and more.  “All Street Global created a platform for business owners and pillars in the community to speak on change and Solutions to a lot of the problems we face in our communities across the globe,” Rasul says.

Guests have included community developers, activists, thought leaders, small business owners, and more. To date, he’s recorded 22 episodes, right from his studio in the business incubator.