The Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region has joined forces with Healthy Alliance as part of their “Resource Network” to offer more support to residents in need within the greater Capital Region. Participation in this network will allow the Community Loan Fund to refer clients to the Healthy Alliance that may have additional social needs such as hunger insecurity, difficulty finding adequate housing, as well as those seeking steady employment. In return, Healthy Alliance clients can also be referred to the Community Loan Fund for business training and development or business funding for their small business or non-profit organization.

“This partnership between Healthy Alliance and the Community Loan Fund will cultivate a new audience to the trainings and workshops that we provide to residents across the Capital Region while also equipping the Community Loan Fund with more tools and resources to greater serve those we come in contact with.” said Linda MacFarlane, Executive Director of the Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region.

“Another door has open to connect economically underserved community members and small business owners to workforce development efforts. We’re thrilled to add their scope of services to connect more community members and partners in need- and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact the Community Loan Fund has on our neighbors.” said Michele Horan, Chief Operating Officer at Healthy Alliance.

The Healthy Alliance seeks to ensure that every New Yorker has access to the social services they need; ranging from stable housing, healthy food, assistance with benefits navigation, clothing and household goods, transportation, and so much more. To learn more, please click the link below.