Kema Maxwell, owner of Kema Kreation’s located at 255 Orange St Albany, NY in the ACES incubator, was recently featured in HERLIFE magazine, a publication which seeks to not only keep women connected but also highlight inspirational women involved in health, beauty, and fashion. Maxwell was interviewed regarding the success of her business and the recent feature of her bags at the African American Cultural Festival in Baltimore, Maryland, as well as on the set of ABC soap opera “General Hospital”. In the article, Maxwell also speaks on her opportunity to have participated in Harlem Fashion Week as part of their Malcolm X legacy line in 2018 and how that experience resulted in her having her own runway show in 2019.

When asked about this recent feature in HERLIFE magazine, Maxwell stated, “This feature on my business brings me a great deal of pride, the piece written in HERLIFE exposes myself and my artistry to a wider customer base previously unavailable to me so i give thanks to the amazing women in my life who believed in my creativity and referred me to this opportunity.”

Maxwell is a alumni of the Community Loan Fund’s formerly named 8-Week Business Planning Course, now 9-Week Business Planning Course. She states that when she graduated from the class, taking an office in the ACES incubator was beneficial to her due in part to knowing that she had access to the Community Loan Fund’s Training and Technical Support services downstairs.

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