The Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region and JPMorgan Chase have partnered to launch a new online training program for entrepreneurs. The online training platform was created using a $175,000 grant from the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, and it is based on the curriculum and workshops developed by the Loan Fund to foster small business growth for women, minorities, and people of low-income.

“The Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region is so grateful for this grant and for the support JPMorgan Chase has provided during the development of this new online training program,” says Linda MacFarlane, Executive Director for the Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region. “This online program helps us get out into the field and reach the more remote parts of our 11-county region. As a result of this partnership with JPMorgan Chase, we are empowering even more women and minorities to start new businesses and take part in the prosperity of this region.”

“By leveraging technology, the Community Loan Fund is able to overcome the transportation and social challenges that make it difficult for underserved entrepreneurs to access resources needed to grow their businesses. At JPMorgan Chase we are happy to support the Community Loan Fund to bridge the gap, making their trainings and 1:1 counseling services accessible across the Capital Region, so all entrepreneurs can access the resources they need to take their businesses to the next level,” said Billy Botsakos, Chase Market Director, Capital Region.

The online training program covers topics entrepreneurs need to know to get their business off the ground, like business financing, understanding legal requirements, financial forecasting, marketing, and record-keeping. It also provides guidance for people who may already be in business, but who want to grow.

The training program consists of tutorials presented as videos, with quizzes to measure understanding of the topic. The platform also offers interviews with some of the Loan Fund’s clients about their businesses. These “Success Stories” include interviews with Sandro Gerbini, of Gatherer’s Granola, Jenn Dugan of the Makeup Curio, Amber Chaves of the Bundle Store, and Lavida Barkley of Coiled. The majority of the online training program is offered free of charge. The training can be accessed through the Community Loan Fund’s website and here.